No zippers or buttons or snaps, oh my!

There is a new clothing craze that is popping up on social media called LuLaRoe .  I admit in the beginning, I was not liking the crazy patterns.  I knew the leggings were fabulous, but I doubted everything else.  A friend got me to join her online party and well….I went  CARAAAZEEEEEE seeing the clothes for the first time.  The clothes were soft, well made, and way more stylish than I originally thought.  All consultant I have met all say the same thing, “The clothes are very forgiving.” (that means it covers up my rolls). I ended up purchasing leggings, dresses, and tops and kept doing that over and over (I was invited to 6 parties in the month of August alone).  The clothes are casual enough to wear every day but easy enough to dress up for work. I’m hooked!

Why am I so excited (other than the fact I am a shopaholic?)  Well, this brand does not have zippers, or buttons, or snaps on its clothing.  You slip it on and go.  Morning stiffness (a symptom of RA and many forms of Autoimmune Arthritis) is my nemesis.  It takes me almost an hour to get out of bed in the morning.  Not because I am lazy, but because it takes me that long to stretch my creaking joints enough to stand up.  My hands struggle with brushing my teeth so fine motor tasks like buttoning, zipping, and snapping could take a considerable amount of time first thing in the morning. Being able to avoid clothing fasteners that hurt and slow me down in the morning…is an amazing thing.  An amazing thing that I have taken for granted for years.

I have no affiliation with this company.  I’m just sharing a simple #spoonie hack.  Wearing these comfy and stylish clothes is awesome.  I get tons of compliments and I’m dressed in less than 5 minutes before heading to work.  That in itself is a blessing.  14242397_10210994315240031_5362937294631512802_o



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  1. Well maybe if I could get them in Purple and Orange? LOL Well OK they may not be the most attractive on me, but I do really like orange and purple gear. My wife just rolled her eyes (twice). She has never rolled them three times so I better stop now. 🙂

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