This is, I mean Hindsight is 20/20…

I’ve documented pretty clearly that my 2019 was for all intents and purposes, craptastic. As a result, I’ve become a person that I don’t recognize in the mirror. I’m not big on making New Year Goals. I never keep them. What I am going to do is focus on being positive and making small positive changes in my life.

-Eating healthier. I’m a depression and stress eater. After 2019, I can’t afford to continue. I will be seeking therapy to help with my depression and will not commit to a specific diet, but will try to be healthier.

-Try to find balance. I’m currently working 5 jobs. One full-time, tutoring, speech therapy in a clinic, and selling whitening toothpaste. I am going to try to get back in to Yoga and meditation.

-Organize my home. I’m going to start small. I’ve let things go for too long. 10-30 minutes a day of organizing is manageable when trying to balance my home life with work life.

-Find the positive in life. I had many lows in 2019 but I did have some highs. I went to Capitol Hill to fight for patient rights, I got a new car for my 50th birthday, and I took a mini vacation with fellow dog lovers.

-Enjoy my time with Georgia. She will be 11 this year (God willing). She has brought so much joy to my life. She made me an author, involved me in rescue, and helped me meet so many people that are now dear friends.

That is it. A small but hopefully manageable list for 2020.

I am wishing everyone a happy and healthy new year. My 2020 make all of our dreams come true.


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  1. Aww little Georgia, such a sweetie. Reminds me so much of my old Cavalier King Charles with similar colouring, Robbie. I hope you get lots of cuddles in for 2020. I’ll join you in trying to get more organised (which has slipped recently) and finding the positives in life more often. Wishing you all the very best for a happier, healthier & brighter 2020!

    Caz xx


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