Out of the blue..

I was hanging out with friends Saturday night. I had a good time, nothing big, just friends sitting around having a few drinks and fun. I went home around 1 am and went to bed. Almost immediately, I had bed spins. I didn’t drink enough for bed spins so I thought it was odd. I eventually fell asleep only to awake around 4 am with serious bed spins and a big desire to puke. I grabbed for my phone and noticed my motor movements weren’t going as fast as my brain. I slid myself to the edge of the bed and immediately knew I couldn’t walk. I am fairly sure I said it out loud, too as I was sliding to the floor. Somehow, I was able to grab one of Georgia’s empty water bowls and proceeded to get sick in that (and all over me….but at that point, I couldn’t care). I must have passed out again and woke when Georgia’s insulin alarm went off. I still couldn’t walk. I had some energy to move but the nausea was so severe, I knew staying in place was best. I still had my phone but didn’t think of calling anyone for help. I pulled a blanket down because now that the cold sweats were gone, I was freezing, and proceeded to fall asleep again. Two hours later, I woke and was able to move. First thing I did was clean myself up. Trust me, I was a mess. Then I took care of Georgia. Got her insulin and food and other meds and I promptly went back to bed. I slept from 10 am until almost 4 pm. Woke up and felt okay. Still shaky but not too bad. As the day progressed, I felt intense sinus pain and some serious body aches. Normally, I would call my general practitioner to get an appointment but it was Sunday night. I checked and the walk in clinics were also closed. Then I remembered my work now has teledoc. I was skeptical, but called. Within 20 minutes, I had a video check up and a script called in to the pharmacy. I was shocked. This acute sinusitis attack really did come out of the blue. I had been sneezing and coughing but nothing major. I kind of thought it was allergies.


Three days later, I’m not as nauseous and I haven’t had any more vertigo events. I have been sleeping at least 15 or more hours a day and my pets are simply the world’s worst nurses (Jaxson tried but it was mainly to get me to fill his food bowl). Georgia is oblivious to the fact I am sick and I’m fairly certain Milo would eat me if I died, so neither of them feels the need to behave when I’m knocked down.

Regardless, I’m happy with my first teledoc experience. I often feel like waiting for antibiotics is what causes me to get worse. I’m hopeful that this can be another tool in my healthcare toolbox. I was a skeptic, but my first experience was good in a pinch. I’m glad I had the option.

Wish me luck as I reenter the land of the living tomorrow.


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  1. Aw no, that sounds rough. And pretty scary. I’ve not known anyone who’s used an online doc before so your Teledoc appointment is interesting; at least it meant you could have a video check up to get a script without leaving the house (not that you could with walk in clinics closed at that time). Sounds like whatever is going on is running its course and that your body is in need of lots of sleep to rest and repair itself. Fingers crossed you’re on the up back to your ‘baseline’ without another repeat of that night! Sending hugs, take good care of yourself and don’t let Milo see you sleeping for too long incase he tries to eat you!
    Caz xxxx

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      1. I see my future with a 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle- cherry red, burgundy leather, convertible with a 408 short block V8, loud rumbling pipes and $0.38 a gallon gasoline. I suspect i will be greatly disappointed

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