Fish sticks and lottery tickets…

I have a diagnosis of an adjustment mood disorder: better known as depression. It started when I first got sick. It made sense that living in chronic pain would cause some serious mood issues. For the past 20 years, I've struggled to balance the negativity in my head with the life that I want to... Continue Reading →

Marching on and on and on….

In my final installment of honoring both Autoimmune Disease Awareness and Women's History month, some people I consider the rock stars of advocacy. First up: MarlaJan Wexler-Gormley from Luck Fupas. I met MarlaJan at a Wego Health conference in which she was the Conference Host and featured speaker. Her health issues are quite overwhelming ranging... Continue Reading →

Not everything is for you…

The disability community is up in arms about statements made by a woman who is described as "American conservative author, talk show host, political commentator, and producer." I will NOT be identifying this woman by name because it's obvious she lives for these moments where she feels she is being unfairly vilified so she can... Continue Reading →

Marching on…and on…

March is both Autoimmune Disease Awareness and Women's History month. To honor both, I'm highlighting female advocates who have inspired me, motivated me, and befriended me. In this third issues, I've decided to feature three women that make me want to be a better advocate. First up is Kerry Wong from Float like a Butterfly.... Continue Reading →

March on…

I hate the month of March. Why? As an educator, it's the longest month of the school year that typically has no holidays (other than Easter from time to time) and lots of lousy weather. In the Northeast of the United States, the skies are gray, the weather is cold and damp, and my disease... Continue Reading →


I was scrolling through facebook today and saw a post for "walk 50 miles with your dog this month" for XYZ charity. I looked at my dog and said, "When this new medication makes me feel better, we can do this." A friend asked me to go to a large mall in the area, and... Continue Reading →

Investing in me…

A few weeks ago, I wrote about taking time to focus on getting healthier. My pain levels have been excruciating. So much so, that I requested an x-ray to make sure nothing is wrong inside (other than what I know is already wrong). I'm hoping to get that done next week. Until then, I thought... Continue Reading →

Slide and twist….

I used to joke that if I ever woke up without pain, I'd think I was dead. I should clarify that I often wake up without pain, but as soon as I attempt to move... YOWZA This past summer, my diagnosis changed from rheumatoid arthritis to non-radiographic ankylosing spondylitis. My back has been killing me... Continue Reading →


tWitch's death has spread around the globe and rocked many. He shone a light on your screens via television and social media. His life seemed golden and perfect with a beautiful family and successful career. Through this all, I've seen some posts where people claimed he was "selfish" and he had "so many options". These... Continue Reading →

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