Oops, I did it again…

In 2019, I finished out my school year, and traveled to visit my dad for father's day. I was very run down and felt horrible, but attributed it to an autoimmune arthritis flare. I became deathly ill with vomiting/diarrhea and a high fever. I had pneumonia. Fast forward to my first day of school (with... Continue Reading →

Certainly uncertain…

A year ago the world shut down. I remember sitting in my little office with two students and my high school intern. I was getting annoyed because the intern kept checking her phone. Suddenly she looks up and says, "My mom said we are closed for two weeks!" You can image the reaction of the... Continue Reading →

LAME JOINTS and social expectations….

Life has been stressful. I'm dealing with not only my job (online), flares, and a serious issue with my elderly parents. Stress is intense and it is taking a toll on me physically and emotionally. It's always a fine balance in these situations. Trying to self-care while caring for others. Trying to stay focused on... Continue Reading →

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