The fear of the unknown…

Life is scary for all of us right now. None of us have experience with this, so I've been following the recommendations of WHO (World Health Organization), the CDC (Centers of Disease Control), and the ACR (American College of Rheumatology). I did reach out to my personal rheumatologist and her advice was to get blood... Continue Reading →

I hope you laugh…

I spend time with a lot of kids.  In my work and in my life, I am surrounded by kids a lot. The other day, a kid came up to me and our conversation went something like this: Kid: I feel so bad for you. Me: Why? Kid: I read your book. Me: (thinking kid... Continue Reading →

27 and counting…

Tomorrow marks my 27th year in a classroom.  I've had many different roles over the years.  My current role is as an speech-language pathologist in a public school system.  I love what I do.  Every job has it's positive and negative aspects.  I love my helping my students become effective communicators, but I despise the... Continue Reading →


Yesterday, I tried to be normal.  Yesterday, I tried to ignore my diseases.  Yesterday, I had fun.  Yesterday, I overdid things.  Today, I'm paying for it. Yesterday was a busy day.  I worked both jobs until 6:30, then joined a group of friends for a "Ladies night" at a  wine and paint place.  I knew... Continue Reading →

When it rains…..

So my heart is still aching over losing my cat, Isabella.  I've been having trouble sleeping. It's so difficult holding an animal that you adore while they pass away.  Things got better when I knew her ashes were back home with my parents.  I know she had a good life, but not being able to... Continue Reading →

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