Fa la la la la lazy…..

Christmas is in 4 days. Are my gifts wrapped? No. Am I packed? No. My decorations are minimal....and so is my Christmas spirit. My 2019 was extra crappy. Here is a little recap.... January: I started the year with a broken foot/non-weight bearing. On January 2, my cat tripped me and I ended up tearing... Continue Reading →

Sorry for smiling….

Recently, social media has been buzzing with the warning that the government will soon be using social media tracking to crack down on disability fraud.  I wouldn't say this is surprising.  People have been spying on the disabled for years.  Growing up, I always heard how people "faked disability" to milk the system.  My family... Continue Reading →

A little bit more…

I may have become cocky and over confident in my ability to tolerate pain.  On an average day, my fingers, elbows, shoulders, hips, lower back, knees, ankles and feet hurt. A lot.   Each day starts out with almost all my joints revolting when I try to stand up in the morning. It eases up... Continue Reading →

You ain’t no copper penny…

Recently, I've been going through a lot a stress.  Health, family, pets, household issues, etc....if I wasn't for bad luck, I'd seriously have none.  On top of it all, I've gained a ton of weight from both inactivity due to my broken foot and stress eating.  Then I ended up getting sick.  The kind of... Continue Reading →

Four more weeks…

I had my follow up for my broken foot (AKA 5th metatarsal fracture) today.  I've been trying my best to not bear weight on my foot since 11/1/2018.  The past 46 days have been difficult.  I've tried my best to not walk.  I admit, it's so hard in my stair-filled house, so there are times when... Continue Reading →

A scary good day…

On Monday, I had my annual mammogram.  The following day, I received a message that there was a problem and I needed to come back.  I missed the call and didn't get the message until late, so I had to wait until this morning to call back.  The way the message sounded, there was an... Continue Reading →

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