Enough is enough…

I was a busy girl when I first got sick. I worked a full-time job for a school during the day and took 3 classes a week in the evenings. Stress was my middle name. Although my time and energy were drained….I persevered because becoming a speech-language pathologist was something I wanted VERY much….enough to hang tough even though I was ready to collapse.

I took a job a few years ago that required me to be labeled a special education teacher. I was extremely hesitant but trusted administration when I was told I wouldn’t be expected to act as a “typical” spec. ed. teacher, rather I would be a consultant for children with autism. I relied heavily on my speech pathology skills. I was skeptical but chose a leap of faith. Now I’m devastated that I have to return to a classroom assignment. I didn’t fight so hard to become an SLP to have it ripped away from me. I have to rethink my future. I might have to find that strength again. I didn’t work that hard to be a teacher again. I’m a speech-language pathologist and I’m not compromising for anyone anymore……
Jobs might be hard to come by but my self-respect is far more important to me. I know what I have to do. Wish me luck….

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