Who am I??

I was recently interviewed for a project. I was asked to describe myself. So I talked about my career as a speech language pathologist, educator, patient, patient advocate, and writer. I described my life as a single woman living with multiple chronic illnesses and how I take care of a dog with more chronic illnesses... Continue Reading →

A blue Christmas…

Today I have been feeling a bit blue. The combination of the holidays, my finances, my health, and Georgia's health has me feeling really down. Losing a loved one earlier this year has also torn at my heart for months. Things just keep piling up. Lately, it seems like no matter what I do, I... Continue Reading →

Chronic pet lovers…

I was recently asked to have Georgia (my dog) co-host The International Foundation for Autoimmune & Autoinflammatory Arthritis's AiArthritis Voices 360 podcast. The reason being, we wanted to discuss how important pets are to people living with chronic illness. Georgia getting ready for her debut! I've always been an animal lover and growing up, my... Continue Reading →

Voices matter…

I cofounded the International Foundation for Autoimmune & Autoinflammatory Arthritis (IFAA) in 2013 with three fellow patients Tiffany Westrich-Robertson, Tami Brown, and Amanda John.  Our mission has always been to use our voices to impact education, awareness, and research.  We've grown and evolved over the years, but we always held fast to the idea that our... Continue Reading →

I am an impatient patient…

The past few weeks, I've been documenting my battle with an upper respiratory virus/sinus infection/laryngitis, etc. Three weeks in, and I'm still not well.  I feel like I may have turned a corner because my voice is a tad bit better.  I'm still on antibiotics, but off of prednisone.  Thankfully, sleep is a bit easier... Continue Reading →

RD Blogweek Day 5: Advice…

I'm proud to participate in the 5th annual RA Blog Week.  Today's topic: Advice – What advice would you give to your newly diagnosed self after what you’ve learned living with RD?   Today has been a very difficult day.  Not because of my help, but because of my dog's health.  The past three days... Continue Reading →

RD Blog Week: Day4: Community

I'm so honored to be participating in the 5th annual RD Blog week.  Today's topic is: Community – Our community is often hard on each other, even going as far as accusing others of not having RA when they can physically do more than others. How can we educate our own community on RA and... Continue Reading →

RD Blog week 2019: Day 3: Disability

I'm proud to participate in the 5th annual RD blog week.  Today is day three and the topic is: Disability – Discuss your feelings about our position within the disabled community with variable disability. How do you deal with limitations that are present some days and not others? Professionally, I'm a speech-language pathologist and I... Continue Reading →

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