Humidity is not my friend…

So I’m now fully into the 2nd month without Humira. The summer heat and humidity has been rough but overall I’m hanging in there. My ankles might not agree (they are swollen and sore) but for the most part my RA is cooperating with my decision to travel to Africa.

On another note, I recently joined several fan pages on facebook for RA bloggers/writers, etc. There is one page (I won’t name it) that was slamming another woman’s page b/c she feels her RA isn’t severe enough and she can’t relate to her. I understand her point of view, I just think it is so sad that she had to call this person out and say, “She’s a great gal but ….” The more I am immersing myself in these blogs for a community of fellow RA sufferers, the more I see little tolerance for others. I “unliked” her page. I don’t need the negative karma and would never slam someone b/c their RA is on a different level than mine. Awareness is key but tolerance is necessary.

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