Make mine a double…

I’ve been having a rough time with my autoimmune diseases lately.  I’m chronically tired, with swollen and hot joints that seem to move around my body without much rhyme or reason.  It’s exhausting.  My rheumy wants me to start taking Enbrel twice a week.  I’m really not sure that Enbrel is the biologic for me.  I don’t get that jolt of energy like I did with Humira.  The shots are so very expensive that I feel bad taking them if they are not doing the trick.  My rheumy wants me to call and let her know how I’m feeling in two more weeks.  So far, the double shot per week is not the right cocktail for me.  I haven’t done laundry or taken my trash out b/c the thought of walking down the stairs too many times is almost painful to think about let alone physically do it.  Oh well….trash pick up comes again next week, too….

Gearing up for the first World Autoimmune Arthritis Day.  I’m proud to be a member of IAAM but right now, I’m too tired and foggy to be much help.  The good thing is that they understand how it is b/c they all live with a form of the disease.


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