Vanity squished

I’ve never been very confident in my appearance.  My best feature (in my opinion) is my hands

 Seriously, that was always the one part of my body that I took a lot of pride in.  Well, autoimmune arthritis has decided my vanity in that area needed to be squished.  This is what my hands look like now.

Puffy, sore, red.  Plain old painful.  For years my disease mainly impacted my ankles.  Walking was so difficult.  After breaking my left ankle, my disease shifted to my hands, hips, and back.  I struggle daily to type, clean, open items.  Driving is not always fun.  Not being able to use my hands effectively is horrible.  I know people have it so much worse, so I’m not going to sit around and feel sorry for myself. Instead I need to figure out how to manage life with bum hands.  I’ve already started purchasing items as my mobility has decreased over the years. All of these products are my personal choices.  I do not endorse nor am I affiliated in any way.
Opening Jars:  
I love this Pampered Chef jar opener.  It makes opening jars really easy.  I’ve used it for kitchen jars and even to open a shampoo bottle.  It’s a keeper.
Scissors hurt.  I found these babies online and love them.  My hand doesn’t cramp.  Not as comfy as regular scissors (when my hand is normal size) but overall, a good aide.
Controlling swelling:
Compression gloves.  Hate them and love them equally.  I have various pairs, but I use these the most often b/c they are inconspicuous.
Most importantly 😉  I needed an easy way to open a bottle of wine.  This one is economical (I don’t drink a lot of wine) and it works great.
I just bought gloves that have gel that can ice to reduce swelling.  I’m looking in to Dragon Dictation.  I’ll see you that goes.  What devices/gadgets you use to cope with the decreased ability to use your hands?  
I’m hoping being proactive will get me out of this funk I’m stuck in.  Hit me with your ideas…

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