#RABlog Week Day 7: My favorite blogs

Reading others journeys about living a #rheum life, has helped me greatly in dealing with my autoimmune arthritis.  These women are bright, humorous and their writing touches me. Here are some of my personal favorite.

Some of my favorite blogs:

All Flared Up!  by Amanda

Float like a Buttahfly: by Kerry

And then you’re at Jax: by Molly

Autoimmune Systemic Life:  Rhia

Arthritic Chick: by

Spoonless Mama: by Chelle

Hurt Blogger: By Britt

Dad with RA: by Ferhaan

Not RA specific but a great Spoonie blog:
Fashionably Ill: by Jessica

Finally, Dr. Will Harvey is starting an advocacy blog for rheumatic disease patients.  I’m really looking forward to reading it.

It’s been such a pleasure being part of the first ever #RABlog week.  Thank you for asking me.  Please take a moment to read the other amazing blogs that participated:  http://www.radiabetes.com/blog_week15/day7.html  
Well done everyone!

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