To review or not to review…

I was contacted recently by a company called NatraCure.  They asked if I would be willing to try one of their products for an honest review.  I googled their company and checked out their products that were all geared towards pain relief.  I wasn’t sure which item they wanted me to try, but I agreed after viewing their website.  I was thrilled when they said they were sending me the Arthritis Mittens because honestly, my hands just hurt!  I was really looking forward to trying this product to see if I could get some relief.  The following review is based on my experience with the Arthritis Mittens and may vary from others.

First impression.  The mittens arrived in a small box that seemed to have some weight to it.  They are powder blue with dark blue starbursts.  The instructions indicated that the starbursts turn to “hot” flame when the mittens get hot and fade back to the blue starbursts when cool again.

I thought this was a nice safety feature.  The outer layer of the mittens are very soft.  Cuddly soft and feel really nice against the skin.  There are flax seeds that are pocketed on the front and back of the fingers and the palm and back of the hand.  The seeds also surround both thumbs.  The seeds are what add the weight, but it seems to be well balance and practically hugs the hand and fingers when heated.   So the outside of the mitten…awesome.  Then I felt the inside.  I was shocked to feel a silicone rubbery material inside.  I was turned off at first, but when the mittens are warm, the silicone feels a lot like a paraffin wax treatment.  So soothing.  I feel my hands melt into the gloves.  You do have to play around with the microwave time to get the temperature that works for you.  I was heating them up at the same time, but that did not work very well in my microwave.  The heat lasts between 5-20 minutes.  Obviously, the heat fades over the course of time, but even at 20 minutes, the gloves are still soothing.

My overall impression of the NatraCure arthritis mittens?  I like them very much.

Pros:  Comfortable, soothing, and gel lining does feel like paraffin wax.
Cons: heating time varies and thumb does not consistently get hot.

Overall, I like these mittens and they helped me a lot today since I had to shovel over 2 feet of snow.  Thanks NatraCure.  I’ll put these Arthritis Mittens to good use!  Check them out for yourself.


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