I am not a junkie…


I am reblogging this for Day 4 of #RABlog week. Today’s topic is “The Pain of Pain Meds”. I wrote in February and think it fits todays topic. To read the reblog click on “As my joints turn”.  To learn more on this topic, check out : http://radiabetes.com/blog_week16/day4.html

Let me explain…..

Yesterday was a bad, horrible, no good, rotten, painful flare-up day.  On a scale from 1-10, my pain was a 20.  By the time lunch time came around, I was sitting with my head between my legs trying to get the nausea from the pain to pass.  My hands were red and swollen and my neck and hips had a intense stabbing-like pain. I got home from work and didn’t leave my couch until bedtime.  I had to crawl up my stairs to get to bed b/c my joints couldn’t manage the steps.  I then had a hard time falling asleep due to pain. I gave myself my injectable biologic drug and hoped to wake up refreshed and feeling better.  Unfortunately, that did not happen.  I woke up with still swollen hands, wrists, and elbows.  I hurt.  I called off from work because I knew driving would…

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