It’s an honor….

to be nominated.

I found out this blog was nominated for HealthLine’s Best in Blogs of 2016 the other day.  I’m not sure who nominated me, but I appreciate it so very much.  You can vote for “As my joints turn” daily by clicking on the link.  It’s a little tricky.  You have to search for AS MY JOINTS TURN, then add your email.  After you vote, the screen goes dark.  Scroll up to click on “I’m not a robot”.  It prompts you to send a verification email.  Your vote does not count until you click on the link from your email.  I want to say thank you again for reading my blog.  I certainly don’t write it for contests, but appreciate nod so much.  It’s nice to know more than just my family reads my blog (although I’m not sure they read it often either LOL).

If I win, I’m hoping to make a donation to a local food bank.  Thank you so much for your support!

Click here to vote:




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