Well, it’s been a week on the “get-healthy-by-removing-everything-you-love-from-your-diet” diet.  I’ve stuck to a reduced salt, low carb, low sodium and mostly gluten-free diet (I didn’t realize one of the meal bars I got had gluten and I had 2 over the past week).  Just to refresh, I decided to try a significant diet change to see if my symptoms from arthritis and fibromyalgia improved.  On Day 7, I’m not seeing a major change.  I have had a bit of a reduction in ankle swelling, but the pain is pretty awful.  I really hoped that by reducing the swelling would help to reduce pain.  Sadly, I now can feel just about every

Less swelling but more pain. Ugh….

bone in my foot because it aches.  Walking is still a major chore.  I’m not giving up on the diet even though I am semi-miserable without my favorite foods.  Wish me luck as I continue on in my quest to lose weight and help my ankle hate me a bit less.

On another note, I am in the process of writing a book called, “Making Lemonade”.  It’s about my journey with Georgia Grace and how her chronic illnesses changed my life in many ways.  After her recent life-threatening bout with bloat, I decided that I needed to get professional photos taken for the book cover sooner than later.  I didn’t know that the photographer would then write a blog to accompany some of the photos.  I have to say, my heart swelled a bit reading it.  My heart swells even more when I look at the photos.  Now I have to choose.  If you are in the Philadelphia area and are looking for a pet photographer,  check out Pet Imagery Lauren Kaplan Photography.  She is as amazing as her photos.  Also, check out her blog and let me know if you have a favorite photo!  I’m having a hard time choosing.  http://www.petimagery.com/new-session-favorites-georgia-grace-cavalier-king-charles-spaniel-ridley-creek-park-pa/


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  1. I too tried an elimination diet – the removal of carbs/gluten, dairy and sugar really didn’t do much for my pain or weight 😦 I find when I use Weight Watchers Smart Points I do and feel much better – I find myself eating more salads, fruits etc Though I did gain a few good habits. I definitely drink more water, less coffee, I don’t use sugar I use stevia or monk fruit , I refuse to give up fresh mozzarella but cow milk has gone away mostly. Right now the swelling I have I feel is from a fall back in March and I am thinking about compression garments but…with summer coming tomorrow…I can’t Sending you gentle hugs and love from South Jersey

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  2. i really like 2, 4 and the last one the best. I love them all, she is a great photographer. I hope the elimination diet helps out a bunch.

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