He’s lucky he is so cute…

In another episode of “As my joints turn: my autoimmune soap opera”. I walked in from work on 1/3/2019. I was still on crutches and non-weight bearing due to my broken foot. I was hobbling into the living room with my coat on and two bags on my arm. My cat Milo decided to run between my leg and the crutch, causing me to go flying. Luckily, I flew onto my ottoman. Lucky save, right? Well unfortunately, as I went down, the lip of cast/boot caught under the pet steps near the ottoman. My boot stayed put while my toes went in another direction. I knew I hurt toes but hoped it was a sprain or a muscle strain. When I saw my orthopedic doctor this week, the X-Ray showed a fracture in my 5th toe. So my 5th metatarsal has healed but now I’m in a surgical shoe for a few more weeks until the toe heals. Only I could break a bone while wearing a cast to heal another bone already broken. Milo James is now officially renamed “Milo the toe breaker” James. He’s lucky he is so cute….

Be well friends!

Milo “the toe breaker” James aka “the devil’s spawn” (joking!)

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  1. Oh goodness Kelly. That hurt my fifth toe and I cannot even feel my feet. In February while I am getting my 1st, 3rd and 4th metatarsals fixed, I can have the surgeon check on my number 5 to see if that helps you out? I am sure my foot surgery cannot help you out much, but on the other hand it cannot hurt to much.


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