One more thing…

I’ve documented my rough summer.  The last episode has been stomach bug or food poisoning.  Honestly, I wasn’t sure which thing was making my stomach violently revolt.  I began vomiting on a Friday night.  By Monday, I felt fine again.  Was at an appointment on Thursday and began to feel the familiar pang of cramps.  I was confused.  It couldn’t be food poisoning because I hadn’t eaten anything. 2017-Oct-When-Abdominal-Pain-450x450The stomach bug doesn’t just pop up again, does it?  I spent the next 6 days in excruciating pain, nausea, and utter malaise.  I was miserable.  I went to a walk in clinic on Friday and was told I had gastroenteritis.  I took anti nausea meds and things calmed down.  The night before trash day, I wanted to check to see if a bag of chips I had opened pre-stomach-apocalypse was stale.  I ate 2 chips and tossed the bag.  I then spent 20 hours sick as a dog with the cramps and diarrhea back in full force.  I figured another doctor appointment with my primary doctor was due.  According to my scale, I’ve lost 14 lbs. in two weeks.

After a brief exam, I was told I needed a CT scan of my stomach and blood work.  When I asked what could be wrong I was told she wants to rule out colitis, ulcer, pancreatitis, or gall bladder issues.  I’ve been down this road before…..knowing something is wrong, but having no idea what it could be.  Even after multiple diagnoses, I still was unprepared for those possibilities.  I asked, “What if tests come back and show nothing” to which she responded, “Something is making you sick. So something is wrong.”  FML

So now I wait for preauthorization for a CT scan.  I’m hoping I can get it done this week before I start back to work on Monday.  I’m trying to avoid Dr. Google or WebMd because they make me completely nuts.  I’m hopeful this is just an odd blip and that I will feel better ASAP.  If I get another diagnosis, it will make #6.  One more thing to manage.  One more thing to rearrange my life around. One more thing to drag me down.

So I’m getting my feelings out in my blog, then I will try to organize my house.  I’ll snuggle my pets, binge watch TV and do anything I can to stay positive.  I can’t seem to change my body’s dysfunction.  I’m turning 50 next month, so it’s too late to trade it in for a newer model.  Chronic life surely sucks some days more than others.  Days like this it’s hard to find the strength to stay positive….I’ll get myself there, just not today.

Photo credit: Titanium Triathlete/Dina Rios

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  1. Boy that is no kidding. What you ask? All of it. I will say I have had my GB out and it has been a good change for me. Mine was filled with tiny crystals that looked like sand. Yeah Great, at least it was not like my father who made paper weights out of his. I hope you are feeling better and if you want I can give you some Netflix suggestions.

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      1. Oh i love GLOW. One of my favorites on Netflix by far. I just finished the new Orange Is The New Black. Hey that might be an RDBlog week prompt – describe your life by your favorite TV series?

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