A needle in the haystack…

We survived our first round of acupuncture.  Georgia was very well behaved and seemed okay with having needles sticking out of her head.  The vet was thorough and really seemed to listen to me as I spoke about my concerns/fears/hopes.  I think it is a good fit.  Time will tell if Georgia benefits from this treatment.  The funny part was we couldn’t find all of the needles for a while when it was time to remove them.  Georgia’s hair is its own universe…and the needles blended right in….like a needle in a haystack, I guess!

Personally, I’ve realized that I am taking way better care of Georgia than I am of myself. I’ve forgotten to give myself my biologic shot two nights in a row.  I’m so focused on George that I’m forgetting to take care of myself.  That won’t be good for Georgia in he long run.


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