27 years and 3 days…

I wrote earlier this week about starting my 27th year  in the field of education.  I’m a speech therapist. You wouldn’t think a speech therapist would be on her feet  lot, but I work in schools and what do schools have??  LONG hallways and multiple flights of stairs.  I also work a part time job to pay for Georgia’s medical needs.  Her insurance only covers so much now because she is maxing out of her pet insurance coverage due to her age and coverage limits.  So today was a 12 hour day, in which I work both jobs.  My rheumatologist asked if I could reduce my workload, but sadly, I can’t at this point if I want stay afloat.  It’s such a nasty cycle.  I had some bad days this summer, while I was only working part time, but nothing quite like today.  Makes me wonder if it’s not my RA drugs but my schedule that is failing my body.  I’m sad. I’m in pain. I’m tired of all of it.  Early to bed and early to rise…..to do it all over again.

At least my pedicure still looks good….

Be well friends.


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