As My Joints Turn

My Autoimmune Soap Opera

I love summer.  I didn’t have the best summer, but regardless, I always hate seeing it come to an end.  Today is also Labor Day.  A day in which we, in the United States, honoring contribution and achievements of American workers.  I am still able to work with my chronic illnesses.  It’s far from easy.  Heck, even my rheumatologist asked me to decrease the amount of time that I work. Unfortunately, that is not something I can do financially.  I admit, that last week, my ankles let me know they were unhappy with my


Took off with my shoes and saw this lovely sight.

return to full-time employment. So I’m determined to change my sleep schedule and get REST this year.  I’m hoping that rest while working full AND part time will help.

Tonight, I’m ending my summer by watching American Ninja Warrior.  I’m sort of obsessed with this show (and not just because one of the hosts has RA- Matt Iseman). Could you imagine if there was a ninja competition for the chronically ill?  What would it be called, American Spoonie Ninja??  Or Chronic Life Ninja?  Instead of the salmon ladder and the jumping spider, we’d have the vacuum the living room and take a shower without a shower chair events.  The final challenge would be walking up a flight of stairs while carrying a bag of groceries. It would be a hit!

Ugh…if I didn’t laugh…..

I hope you are all having a lovely evening.  Be well fiends!



3 thoughts on “So long summer…

  1. Rick Phillips says:


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  2. Rick Phillips says:

    I hope the swelling goes down by tomorrow.

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    1. It’s weird because I didn’t do much for it to swell. Maybe it’s the humidity. Probably won’t ever know. Hope you are doing well!


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