Rebound @#$%

When I was diagnosed with COVID on November, 3, I was prescribed Paxlovid, an antiviral medication. It tasted like Satan’s spit, but I was testing negative 5 days later. My symptoms were mild overall with significant fatigue and a REALLY bad cold. After contracting pneumonia in September, I was worried.

I knew there was a chance I could end up with Rebound COVID. I thought I was safe when I passed the 2-8 days after the 5 day Paxlovid treatment. Then came day 12. I woke up repeatedly from coughing and felt stuffy but I didn’t feel sick. I wore my mask, washed my hands, and kept safe distance as much as possible. Yesterday, I went to an event and a party with my neighbors. Again, I didn’t feel sick, just tired.

This morning, I woke up stuffy and feeling like I had a full on cold. I was in denial. I kept trying to tell myself over and over that there was no way I had covid again. Then I took a test and BAM: POSITIVE

My heart sank. It is a holiday week. I have a wedding next weekend. I’m so very sad, disappointed, and annoyed. So far, my symptoms are more mild than before. I’m extremely tired and very stuffy. No fever, no difficulty breathing. I guess I need to realize I’m lucky because many people with bad immune systems get extremely ill. I guess it boils down to being lucky at being unlucky.

My future now consists of time out of work, a doctor appointment to check my lungs, and lots and lots of naps. The only ting keeping me from crying is that crying will prevent me from breathing with this stuffy nose.


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