Daring to believe…

I just recently started to feel like my new medication is working.  It’s kind of shocking.  My pain level is so much more tolerable.  I still have pain, but I can make it all day without taking extra meds.  My swelling is also getting better.  I still swell when I overdo it, but for the most part, my cankles and fuckles (fingers/knuckles….I’m trade marking it! LOL) are not as bad.  I’ve also been able to do things lately.   This past month, I traveled for a wedding and a mini-vacation while working regular schedule.  I even met people for dinner after working all day…..that doesn’t sound like a big deal, but trust me, it is one.  Today, may have been my biggest feat in a long time.  I attended a charity walk today and I actually walked the entire 1.5 miles (while pushing my 28 pound dog in a stroller).

Georgia and I attended the annual Paws Mutt Strut Charity Walk at the Philadelphia Naval Yard

It was not easy.  I prepped by getting a good night sleep and wearing good shoes. My toes began cramping about 1/2 mile in and pushing the stroller really aggravated my shoulders.  I had to stop a few times for Georgia and the more I walked the slower I went.  We were practically the last two to make it back to the starting point….but I did it.

Walking has been my nemesis for so long.  It may seem like a weak victory to some, but for me, it was an accomplishment.  I’m hoping it is the start of a new beginning. A better accessible life??  A healthier life?  Time will tell.  My struggle with fatigue is still pretty tough.  I’ve been overdoing it, so I’m going to make a point to prioritize rest as much as living.

Next up:  Getting this girl back to tip top shape.  Seems like she is hitting bumps left and right with her health.  We are in her twilight years and dealing with syringomyelia, heart disease, and diabetes (along with blindness and other ailments).  She made me a mommy, an author, and a dog rescue advocate.  Today’s walk was for her. She is the happiest girl I know and I’m glad to be on this ride with her.

Georgia Grace just melts my heart.



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